Don't Let a Disaster Leave You With Nothing

Ask About Home Insurance & Flood Insurance in Quincy, MA

All it takes is one severe storm to cause costly damage to your home. Without the proper insurance, you could find yourself paying out of pocket for your repairs. Dailey Tax & Insurance, Inc. provides flood and home insurance to clients in the Quincy, MA area. We work with a variety of insurance companies to personalize your policy and find a payment plan that works for you.

Contact Dailey Tax & Insurance today to sign up for home and flood insurance in Quincy, MA. Once we have your HUD statement and physical address, we'll give you a free insurance quote without delay.

Count On Us to Help You with the Aftermath

Our job isn't over once you sign up for home insurance coverage. In the event of disaster or damage, we'll help you:

  • File your insurance claim
  • Stay in contact with the insurance company
  • Settle any disputes between you and your insurance provider

Call 617-472-8100 now to learn more about our flood and home insurance coverage options in Quincy, MA. We'll do everything we can to find a policy that meets your needs.

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